Spiritual Health Program

Life is fragile and short. Our efforts must be organized to reach the health of the whole person. Our health is integrated with body, mind, soul and spirit. Sharing words of hope and life provides light in the darkness. For this reason we created the SPIRITUAL HEALTH PROGRAM.

Spiritual health is an indispensable element in the health of the whole person. We could define it as based on three fundamental aspects: Meaning and Purpose, Will to Live and Faith in God.

With the Spiritual Health Program, we hope to facilitate activities that will help bring peace, hope and comfort to people even in the most difficult moments. We share words of hope and life with people in distress, illness, or anyone needing this.

Our Spiritual Health Program is currently ongoing on three bateyes. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible where every Sunday, apart from sharing God’s Words, we also take a few minutes to share a meal.

Some of the benefits of our Spiritual Health Program: Improves self-esteem
Improves the immune system
Reduces stress
Improves quality of life
Helps foster a positive attitude in times of crisis

Our greatest desire is for everyone to know God’s peace, hope and comfort.