Community Health Center - Construction Project


The municipality of Caleta, a poor yet growing community located south of La Romana, has donated land to our foundation, to build a new community health center, “Centro de Salud.”

This land donation arose out of recognition that Light A Candle Foundation (LAC) provides life-changing health services for their people and works to truly bring light to the community.

The LAC staff consists of doctors, nurses, pharmacist and administrative staff. Our foundation has worked diligently to develop effective medical and health promotion programs.


LAC’s Centro de Salud will address three great community health issues with outpatient services:

Health Center Project

The expected timeline to complete is 5 years. As it will be built little by little - the most essential parts first then expanding from there.

There will be funding through donations to begin the construction and these sources will also send volunteers to help with initial construction efforts. Any funding or volunteer contribution would greatly help advance the progress for the essential part of the structure to get the clinic operational.