Scholarship program

The Nurse Scholarship Program provides university scholarships to deserving young people in poor communities in our region. The program provides scholarship incentive for outstanding participants in the Multiplying Light educational program with the ultimate hope of empowering Dominican nursing leaders who can serve as role models in their home communities.

Light A Candle Mission maintains a dormitory and computer lab for nursing students in La Romana and provides mentoring / academic support.

This program receives the support of Jonas Philanthropies and other generous supporters.

We believe that empowerment of intelligent and motivated young people, who would not otherwise have higher education opportunity, has true potential to create positive change for individuals, communities, our country and the world.


Young people waiting for a university scholarship

Yisseell Mayroby Gomez Sanchez

21 years old - International relations

I have 2 brothers and I come from a dysfunctional family where my parents separated when I was 14. My father moved away and my mother took care of our upbringing for 6 years. Finish the baccalaureate in 2013. Start the university in 2014 in which it can only last one year because in 2015 they increased it. I love studying, reading and learning ... Read more...
Yenifer Downing Pichardo

24 years old - Nursing

I grew up with my mother and a stepfather, I have two maternal brothers, and my biological father has nine children besides me. I have no economic support because I do not work. my dream is to be a nurse, because from a very young age I felt empathy for the sick and I like to serve others ... Read more...
Yuleisy Guerrero Teodor

19 years old - Nursing

I live with my mother and my three brothers. My brothers and I are fatherless. I do not have a high economic dependence and much less stable. My goal is to get a degree in medicine ... Read more...