Yisseell Mayroby Gomez Sanchez

I believe, I follow, I preach and I serve God. I have 2 brothers and I come from a dysfunctional family where my parents separated when I was 14. My father moved away and my mother took care of our upbringing for 6 years. I finished my baccalaureate in 2013. I started university in 2014 in which I could only last one year because in 2015 they increased it. I love studying, reading and learning and that is why during 2015 I studied English through the government (it was not a lost year thanks to God). I returned to the university in 2016 at the end because I was able to get a job that helped me cover the travel and tuition costs; and until April of 2018 I had never stopped it, but for the same reasons as the first time I had to stop because they increased the enrollment and it is very uphill for me to continue with the race for the moment. My mother does not have a job. And my father pays for my sister’s university and finances me and my brothers financially.

My imagination has no limits; My wishes and desires are great. My north and everything I focus on is SERVICE, I feel that my life revolves around that word. I long to help people who need it and when I can not I feel helpless; I want to help others to be better, to understand and to believe that this world belongs to them and that the limits do not exist, that they can believe and understand that with effort, effort, dedication, wisdom, confidence in themselves, they can achieve absolutely everything what they propose. And this I believe too. I want to be a person that can make this planet better, I want to take care of it, I want to teach others that our planet is unique and priceless; I want to give myself to the children, I want to give them hope, I want to give them joy, love, strength to move forward. because they are the future and how we create them will be when they grow up. cultivate values, ethics, morals, solidarity, faith, love, hope and responsibility.

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