July 26, 2018

Success and growth come only through effort!

Success and growth come only through effort and continuous struggle. Light a Candle Mission (LAC) is honored to present our graduate of the Scholarship Program, Yiscaira […]
May 7, 2018

Hypertension – A Lethal Disease

   _       Hypertension is a lethal, silent and invisible disease that rarely causes symptoms. Promoting public awareness is key, as is access to […]
April 30, 2018

Follow-up of hypertension patients in the batey 18

This week we are monitoring the patients of our Hypertension program in the different bateyes.
March 17, 2018

Health Fairs March 2018

En esta feria de Salud y Educación pudieron participar más de 800 personas en las diferentes estaciones. En estaciones como Dietas diversas, Mosquito, Sal, Higiene, entre […]
February 8, 2018

He is happy and we are also seeing his progress; That smile is our inspiration to continue doing our work better every day …

February 8, 2018

Children are the reason why we should make this planet a better place. We believe in your future, we just need your help to make it better

January 24, 2018

Summary of our operations during 2017

  MULTIPLYING LIGHT 157 young people participated in either an 8 session workshop to learn about prevention of sexually transmitted infection/HIV and dynamics of healthy relationships […]
LAC Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary