In the Child Health Promotion program, our team and doctors discovered several children in a particular batey with serious growth problems in July, 2014.

One of the children evaluated there was a 15 month old boy who we will call Amaury. The team discovered that Amaury was severely stunted, severely underweight and emaciated. His mother was counseled in healthy practices for her young son and Amaury was referred to a local pediatrician for medical evaluation. Amaury was found to be severely anemic and was admitted to the hospital where he received blood transfusions from blood donated by one of our doctors.


For the next year and a half, our team visited Amaury on a regular basis. We continued to monitor his growth and counsel his mother, but would often find him lethargic, listless, and showing no improvement in his growth. He was not walking or achieving other developmental milestones. Amaury was referred to the pediatrician several more times, but his health and growth status remained concerning.


However in 2016, after many follow up visits, Amaury began to slowly show improvement. Little by little, life came back to his eyes and body. He began to walk and play. The LAC team felt much joy on the day that Amaury ran out to greet them.

Amaury has continued to grow and develop to this day. We believe that the Child Health Promotion interventions rescued this little boy and we praise God for allowing us to play a role in this and for the US support that also contributed to Amaury's recovery.

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