Light A Candle Foundation welcomed a group of 42 individuals from Village Church Youth Group in Kansas City

Mobile Medical Clinic in the District of Caleta
March 4, 2019
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March 29, 2019

Light A Candle Foundation welcomed a group of 42 individuals from Village Church Youth Group in Kansas City. This experience could be described as unforgettable, both for the young Americans and for the LAC members.
Altogether we worked in 4 bateyes, where we installed educational stations aimed at: First Aid, Heart Healthy Diet, Hygiene for Children, Healthy Eating for Children, along with a Hypertension Station, Parasite Medication Station, and a Kids’ Play Zone.

In each batey we received hundreds of people, they were happy to receive guidance in the different educational stations. In the First Aid Station, we educated young people and adults about caring for broken bones, wounds, and burns. And at the end, each participant was given a small first aid kit.

In the Parasite Medication Station, every child, youth or adult was given medication to treat intestinal parasites according to their age. It was very moving to see how the children learned in the Healthy Eating Station, where they were taught the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. At the end, the children were given fruits so they could taste them.

Many children learned the importance of handwashing at critical times in the Hygiene Station, with various activities and an educational video. In the Hypertension Station the adults’ blood pressure was taken, and their weight and height was recorded. They were oriented about their condition and how to impact their blood pressure with healthy choices. Likewise the Heart Healthy Diet Station emphasized diet choices that benefit heart health.

In particular, there was demonstration of “natural seasoning” preparation and discussion with the many women and men in attendance about the wonderful flavors provided by ingredients such as garlic, onion, peppers, oregano, and cilantro so that it is not necessary to use bouillon cubes or commercially prepared, high-sodium seasoning to give good flavor to food. In the end, so they could taste for themselves, they were given a small bowl of rice and beans (“moro”) with a little beef that was prepared with natural seasoning. They were also given a small bag containing dry rice and beans, along with garlic, onion, and pepper, to prepare at home and apply what they had learned in the class.

At the education stations, an evaluation was undertaken with the participants to measure the level of knowledge they had before and after participating in the stations. It was interesting how the participants responded and the graphs show a very good level of information assimilation.

Light A Candle Foundation is very grateful to the Village Church Youth Group for their enthusiastic dedication and interest in helping others. They are young people full of love and compassion for those most in need.

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